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February 07, 2008


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What does being gay have to do with enjoying a video game? If people didn't walk around screaming "I am gay and I game" who would ever know they are gay? Who really cares?

If minority groups want to be treated as equals, they should stop highlighting these little differences as something that makes them different from us.

Oh 'us' being you and yours, so you put yourself into your own group, but it isn't alright for minorities to do the same? What are you doing on a lesbian gaming site anyway.. why not stick to the 'us' sites.
Come on man, give me a break. Anyway you missed the point and I can tell it's pointless to even begin to try and debate this with you.

It just go to show how backward a lot of people are.
If women hadn't said we are women then they would not have as many equal rights as they have at the moment same with black people, elderly people the list goes on. Yeah I shouldn't say I like Rock music cos people wont treat as an equal, how ridiculous.

Eh,I played Jericho and "Billie Church" have boyfriend-he is one of member team,his name is Delgado.

that´s right..church is dating delgado,but she´s hot anyway,and this is just fantasie,guys.calm down..on the other side black definitly is a hot sister..:)even if its marked she has romantic feelings for jones.actually it should have been cole.maybe they made a mistake or codemasters was afraid of something.but i think it´s obvious at the gameplay that black is.good game and lovely idea to put someone gay in as totaly normal..why not?

and something else..i understand you somehow,but these repressed groups allways try to stand up,because they have been repressed.no one does it because they think it´s better to be gay..there things for men,for women,for straight and for gay,too.what´s the deal?

what made us different from you is that you made us different..think about it.

I don't mind if they're gay, the only thing to mind here and u all must agree: THEY ARE HOT (my fav 1 is abigail black) but billie church has a nice piece of @ss

no one of both are gay.
billie is delgado's girfriend
and abbey loves jones(or jonesy). deal with it.

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