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    February 22, 2008


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    That is totally awesome. It completely freaked me out how many of them there were! I love that you've spent so much time finding all this out... thank you thank you thank you. Two of my fav shows and now I know all the ones in both. Sweet


    The list is longer. You missed Stefanie von Pfetten as Cpt. Marcia "Showboat" Case who also played a delivery girl in one episode of the L Word.


    Thanks... this kind of information makes me happy! I was wondering if other Vancouver actors might be in other minor roles, lurking about.


    Wow, as a fan of both (and several other Vancouver-based shows) I've noticed several of these over the years but I really had no idea that the list was so huge. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and 'WORD!' on your plea to TPTB for Katee to sign up on the L Word. I would be in gorgeous geek heaven!


    Wow, nice work! Quite an impressive list, but another actor needs to be added -- Dana Delany. Dana played Sesha Abinell in the episode "Sacrifice" on BSG. And she played Senator Barbara Grisham in the episode "Light My Fire" on The L Word.

    Mmmm... Dana Delany...


    This is ace! Whenever I'm watching The L Word I always end up pointing and shouting things like "Look! It's Colonel Tigh", while my non-Galactica-watching girlfriend looks on in bemusement.

    A Katee Sackhoff appearance on The L Word would make me a very happy camper - although perhaps she deserves better scripts ...


    I know, i am forever saying two things when watching the L Word.

    #1 Oh My God, that person is on BSG
    #2 I love this band, i have the album.

    Sad but true. haha

    thanks for pulling this list together, you have helped me prove endless examples where my friends simply roll their eyes at me.


    Andrew Neher

    Also, have you noticed that the art currator lady's (Dana's?) office in the L-word is the same location as where Roslin was initially diagnosed with cancer on Caprica? That big diaganol glass ceilinged room.

    I wonder if the two shows have the same producers or guest directors or something.


    Followed the link on gaygamer.net to your site and found this very interesting piece, I'll be forwarding it to a friend and her girlfriend, they're both L-word and BSG fans.

    I know there's been no comment since August, but I had pop in and say something. Have any of you seen the current BSG webisodes? Hoshi (played by Brad Dryborough, on your list) is in a relationship with Felix Gaeta, a fine young man who pinged my gaydar since the mini-series and then season 1 (just look at him around Baltar, he so has a huge crush on him). A shame that BSG has put this in a webisode, but given they've just a handful of episodes left to wrap up a compelling story I'm glad they did somehow!


    Hi Carl,
    yeah we covered the Felix Gaeta thing a while ago.
    We're just back after the holiday break so I'm sure it will come up again.

    Glad you enjoyed the L Word BSG crossover.


    Spankyou spankyou spankyou that was the mosy enjoyable read i didnt fracking beleive it at first must watch it all again an start planning my move to vancouver!!!


    The L-Word + BSG = great!
    Add lolcats and here's what you get:

    Renee Grogg

    I am just starting the L Word and was looking for a connection between the two series (I am a BSG addict). Thanks for doing all of that work!


    I was just pointed over her from a LJ post citing this great and fun look at the actors/actresses on both shows. One note, however, I think that was both Stephanie Penikett and her twin sister Sarah Penikett who played the twins.


    As a huge lesbo BSG fan watching the L Word for sex scenes, I laughed every time I saw a BSG actor show up. I had no idea there were so many as I only noticed a few. I wondered if there was some kind of inside-studio joke there...
    Alas, Sackoff would've never done it... then we'd all know how sci-fi gay she really was!!!

    Yellow Elk

    Great list! I didn't manage to spot all these. You missed out on this one though: Andrew McIlroy plays Jacob Cantrell, the Quorum delegate for Sagittaron, in series four of Battlestar Galactica. He also plays John James, Shane's annoying boss at the hair salon, in series one of The L Word.

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