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August 06, 2008


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I think it's an excellent idea for them to include games. If the industry is aware to any degree that GLAAD has taken some interest in them I think it would cause positive changes.

For some reason I thought I'd mention here that there are quite a few bi/lesbian characters in the Batman universe (Ivy is Bi, Harley experiments, Batwoman and her girlfriend...). Not sure that romance will likely come up at all during the course of Lego Batman, but interesting none the less.

Who knows, maybe Microsoft will even decide that the term "Gay" is not inhereantly sexual if GLAAD has the same presence in the Gaming Industry as it has in the Film Industry.

I can't really believe GLAAD don't already have a category for video games. It is a valid form of entertainment and let's face it, despite the stereotype is no longer just about socially inept geeks playing out their fantasies in darkened rooms.

It would be great if developers like BioWare got their GLAAD media awards when they include gay relationship avenues in games.

Surely if GLAAD were to take this up it would also (as Freman says) cause a positive shift in the games industry to perhaps be more diverse and inclusive.

Come on GLAAD, you're all about media representation, well gaming is a HUGE media industry and should definitely be a part of the recognition awards. At the very least it should be on their radar definitely.

They need to work with Lesbian Gamers to make this a reality, how hard can it be.

Isn't it strange Glaad don't already cover video games? I know they cover film and TV right? So really games should be up there given the revenue these things make and just how huge the games industry is now.

I wonder of glaad have the view that gaming is just some silly hobby? I mean i wonder how many huge organizations actually realize gaming is a bigger industry than say the film industry. I bet not many.

Disgrace that GLAAD aren't covering games, hopefully it's actually on their agenda. You would think the sheer size of the games industry would warrant an addition to their 'media awards'.

"dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation"

Gaming falls under the media umbrella, like it or not.


I recently emailed them about the XBL deal and they made it clear that in no uncertain terms they would be getting involved in games in a big way soon.

I'm not really that surprised that GLAAD doesn't cover games.

I know that Consalvo's reasearch mainly centred on cheating in games. I had no idea that she had also explored sexuality. Very cool.

Video game scholars compose a small but growing niche in the academic community, but queer studies is still vastly underrepresented in the field. It's great to see good work being done on this - but keep an eye out for some of us lowly grad students working our way up doing just this kind of thing!

Absolutely they should. As you say the industry is raking in the dollars and it is continuing to grow. There are also a greater number of people outside of the traditional 'gamer' tag playing games and having gaming accessible to them than ever before. Add that to the growing crossovers between regular mainstream media and gaming, they would be silly to ignore it. I'd love to see them more pro-active in this area. Bring it on!


I cannot accept sexualist video games.Many chlid are playing video games. I will harm them.

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